Scott P.

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  • Scott received his LAP-BAND® surgery on April 27th, 2012 from Dr. Ernest Rehnke, and has been losing weight ever since. Read more about Scott’s amazing progress following his life-changing surgery, below.

Scott’s Progress!

  • Scott P Nov 2012
  • November 2012

    6 ½ months post-surgery
    This has been a awesome year! I have so much to be thankful for! Each day I push myself and test how far I can go with the energy and confidence that I have regained due to the LAP-BAND® surgery. I’m still losing weight and, instead of thinking about food this Thanksgiving, my son and I registered for our first 5K — the Turkey Trot race this Thanksgiving morning.

    What a great mental and physical life change for me and my family! I still can’t express enough thanks for Dr. Ernest Rehnke and the staff at Palms of Pasadena Hospital for giving me this second chance in life!

  • Scott P Sept 2012
  • September 2012

    4 ½ months post-surgery
    WOW, what can I say! In under 5 months, I’ve lost 50 lbs. As funny as it sounds, I’ve always seen pictures of people who’ve been on diets holding their pants up to show how much weight they’ve lost. Well, I’m now one of those people and had my picture taken, holding up 42-inch waist shorts while wearing a 34-inch waist.

    I now feel proud to go out, and I have more confidence about myself. The LAP-BAND® has helped me in so many ways. Just last month, I visited my primary doctor and learned that I no longer have to take any medication for diabetes, blood pressure, or anything. Learning what to eat and staying motivated has helped a great deal.

    I’m back to enjoying my job as a firefighter, knowing that I can run up those stairs and knowing that I’ll be there for my crew. I have no target as to how much weight I want to lose… I’m taking it one day at a time.

  • Scott P May 2012
  • May 2012

    1 month post-surgery
    On May 21st, I weighed in: I’ve lost 35 lbs. since my surgery and first fill. I feel like I’ve lost more, and I feel great! I’m learning to eat right, and I have more energy for exercising than ever before.

    Talking to others that have had the LAP-BAND® and learning what they have gone through has been a great help. I can’t thank Dr. Rehnke and Palms of Pasadena Hospital staff enough. I am also so very thankful for my family and friends, all of whom have given me support and encouragement.

    Although I still have a long way to go, I see a light at the end. It’s a whole-life change!

  • Scott P March 2012
  • March 2012

    On a daily basis, as a firefighter, I have the potential to save lives; yet, on a daily basis, I am killing myself. My weight is negatively impacting my health, with my weight-related conditions including diabetes, hypertension, and sleep apnea, to name a few.

    I long for the days of not taking medication. I long for the days of being active and having the ability to run up a flight of stairs without overwhelming shortness of breath. I long for the days of not being judged by my weight.

    I would like to regain control of my life, and to become an enthusiastic and outgoing participant in life.